Improvement Warrior Fitness Small Group Training (New Albany)

Train, Learn, Grow, and achieve all your goals with Jason Yun, and Improvement Warrior Fitness, in his private home studio gym in New Albany, Ohio.

4435 Wooded Nook Dr, New Albany, OH 43054, USA

Success Session: Roadmap To A Better You

When You Know Better You Do Better

What Are Your Options?

We need to know where you have been, WHY you are where you are, and where we are going.

Before we start we set up your Success Session to set up your plan of action & see if this is a good fit for both parties.

Time is our most valuable asset. Do not waste yours or mine. Health is acheivable for all. However, you MUST DO the work and KNOW WHY the work must be done to reach your health goals.

Think of this relationship not as a trainer/client but as a teacher/student. And eventually you will become the master.

You will not get the same information from me as you will from other personal trainers, bootcamp instructors, Crossfit coaches or nutritionists.

You can continue to focus just on diet and exercise and get the same results you have gotten in the past or you can start on the Improvement Warrior Path and reach your optimal health, body, soul, and happiness.

Watch the video below

How Big Goals Are Acheived?

  • You will train with Coach Yun 1-3 times per week

  • You will workout on your own up to 4 more times per week (No more then 3 times total to start until your body acclimates to the training)

  • You will have your Success Session before your first workout and set up your HPIs (Health Performance Indicators) that will drive you to your goals the fastest

  • You will have a monthly meeting (mini-Success Session) and weigh-in (body fat, girth, weight) to keep you on track

That is me in the pictures above. Both pictures. Quite a change, right? Well, you see I use to be fat. I used to pre-diabetic. I used to have high anxiety. I used to have sucky sleep and recurring nightmares. I used to sleep walk. I used to be depressed. I used to have suicidal thoughts.

Key word is 'Used To.' I listened to the people you are supposed to listen to for health and it nearly killed me.

Since 2011 I have basically been an experimental guinea pig. My main goal in life is to be the healthiest I can be. And then pass that knowledge on to others.

There are BIG CHANGES coming for you. But you must be ready to make BIG CHANGES.


Strength, Conditioning, No Cardio Zone

Improvement Warrior Training Philosophy





& Conditioning




Every trainer is different. Every client is different. However, a squat is a squat. A pushup is a pushup. They should look the same with about 10% leeway based on the client's ability and movement capacity. If not the exercise needs to be taken away and alternates provided until we get you able to do the exercise in question.

Bad form is bad form and will get you no results. And if done long enough will get you injured. Not happening at Improvement Warrior Fitness New Albany.

When you focus on strength training you are able to change your body quicker by adding lean muscle tissue and burning fat.

A stronger body will be more resilient to injury.

A stronger body will help you perform better in aerobic exercise, HIIT, bootcamp, endurance/stamina based events, or just in life in general.

Lifting weights will not make you big and bulky (ladies especially). It will help sculpt your body, burn fat, drop the inches in the right places, and look better naked!

Never will you be programmed with traditional forms of cardio like jogging, bicycle, eliptical machine, etc......

It's been proven to be ineffective and make you even more efficient at storing body fat.

We only have a short amount of time with you and we want to use every minute to make you better.

Read my cardio makes you fat blog post below


Does Cardio Make You Fat?

Check out the blog post here and discover the real reasons why we don't waste our client's time performing mindless hours of cardio. Check it out here.

How much does it cost?

There are no hidden fees.

1 x / 2 x/ 3 x per week

$219/259 /299/*

per month after 2-week free trial

*During your entire first month as a member you have the option to bring one friend for the entire month. If they sign up both of you get $40 off your membership.

This is a small group training program. There will never be more than 6 Improvement Warriors in a class.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Take control of your health before it is too late! My time slots have limited availability so take advantage of this offer today if you are ready to make the changes!

When You Register The First Thing We Will Do Is Set Up Your Zoom Success Session To Make Sure This Is A Good Fit For Both Of Us

Make Your Training Schedule With IWF 1-3 Days a Week On Either 

  • Mon. | Wed. | Fri. | Sat.: 900 am

  • Mon. |Tues. |Thurs. 500 pm, 600 pm, 700 pm 

  • Each class is approximately 44-52 minutes long

Be Sure To Read And Watch Everything On This Webpage Before Registering

What Clients are Saying

"Deciding to attend Jason Yun's fitness classes was one of the best decisions I've ever made. His experience and training in fitness and vast knowledge of nutrition has helped me live a healthier lifestyle while burning fat and increasing strength. His dedication, encouragement and enthusiasm coupled with his program of diet and exercise has led to results that weren't obtainable in the past.

I highly recommend Jason Yun to anyone interested in living a healthier and fit lifestyle... from the beginner to the advanced. Thanks to Jason I look forward to working out, feel guilty if I don't, understand the mind-body connection and have a new attitude about my health and overall well-being.”

- Keisha McDaniel (Director of Marketing Cuhaci & Peterson Architects )

"I admire Jason's commitment to fitness, nutrition and his clients. I am a current bootcamp client and have worked with Jason as a consultant. He works hard to produce results for his clients. In fact, I wonder when he sleeps. I'm proud to know a guy with such integrity and passion. I respect his advice as an expert in this industry. Get to know him, he will inspire you to move beyond where you are comfortable. The results are real and definitely worth the effort. ”

- Steven Bissonette ( Consultant at Grassroots Interactive )

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