The Ultimate Program Design Shortcut

This Is Your Chance To Finally Get Your Training, Exercises, and Workouts Right! Literally Everything Jason Yun Has Used In His Personal & Client Workouts Since 1990 To Improve, Grow and Become the Best & Strongest Version Of Hisself...

Now Can Be In The Palm Of Your Hand!

Everfit: Workout & Habit Coaching App

$49 per Month

What You Get with Everfit GOLD

How it will IMPROVE Your Life

  • Custom Habit Design

  • Access to Yun's LBN Online Strength & Fitness Workouts

    • Follow along workouts (Over 360)

    • Weekly/Monthly Pre-made Workouts or Programs assigned to you in your own app

    • Exercise/Workout Tutorials

    • Exercise/performance records

  • Chat/Ask Questions With Jason Yun

  • Upload and see your progress photos

  • Body Metric Tracking

  • Sleep tracking

  • Track your macros

  • Reminders sent to your phone for workout or habit times

  • Change your habits once and for all. No more back sliding--Coach is watching

  • Habit/Task accountability

  • Never worry about what to do for your workout

    • Mentally prepare

    • Raise your dopamine with each new PR hit

    • See your progress over weeks/months/years

  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Checkins with Coach Yun

    • Simple Coaching through the app

    • Watch your body change

    • Train your mind

    • Be celebrated and not tolerated

  • Sleep like a baby- Sleep is most important thing we do

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