32-Day Circadian Rhythm Transformation:

Re-Set Your Body Clocks In Just 32-Days That Will Help You Lose At Least 8 Pounds Of Stubborn Body Fat!

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You have been lied to about Health

Are Sunglasses the new sugar?

32-Day Circadian Rhythm Transformation Registration!

Are my sunglasses hurting my health?

Sounds crazy, right?

Watch the video to find out why your circadian rhythm is our most vital health piece most are missing & why you need to lose the sunglasses!

Who Is This Challenge For?

And What's In It For Me?

  • Wants to be healthier- Health is the slowest form of death. If you continue with your current habits will your children be the ones taking care of you? A nursing home? Everybody is driven by a 24-hour clock. Health, energy, motivation, hormones and all our biology is dictated by this clock

  • Open Minded- Stop driving square pegs through round holes. The solution is never strict diets or more exercise

  • Wants More Energy- Energy is life.....play with your kids/pets, finish your hobbies, reiginite your love for self/spouse, earn a promotion, cook, workout, clean the garage......

  • Wants Better Sleep- Sleep problems will always lead to a modern man disease. Sleep works on a circadian rhythm. Sunlgasses destroy circadian rhythms. Better Sleep = In Sync Circadian Ryhthm = Best Version Of YOU!

  • Wants More Mental Clarity- Think better, sleep better, more energy, get more done, be more productive, make more money, be a better parent....everything is connected.

  • Wants to lose weight/body fat- Weight loss and body fat loss is not an exercise/diet issue. Hormones are key. Sunglasses destroy hormones. Hormones are all dictated by a circadian rhythm (see everything IS connected)

  • Wants better skin- Your eyes 'talk' to the skin. Block the eyes, skin can't 'hear', skin issues develop. Skin issues are a marker for a much deeper problem on the inside of YOU.

  • Better Control of Blood Sugar- Natural sun on eyes/skin 'creates' energy in our mitochondria. Less food needed. Less hunger activated. Blood Sugar Controlled. Win-Win

  • Better Control of Hormones- If they go out of whack you will be out of whack. Hormones all run off circadian rhythm. You don't need an endocrinolgist or hormone replacement therapy; you need to fix your circadian rhythm first and foremost. Better ryhthm equals better YOU!!!

  • Wants to get off caffeine/coffee- If you need it you just proved your sleep didn't work. How much money would you save here? Open mindedness comes in big time here. Nobody NEEDS caffeine. Modern day habits create the NEED.

  • Not getting results wanted from exercise- Exercise should not be used as a weight loss tool You need it for optimal health, but it can't fix broken mitochondria or hormones.

  • Needs to raise their Vitamin D Levels- Low Vitamin D is an epidemic across the World, but especially in the United States. Vitamin D 'made' in skin. Eyes 'talk' to skin but if the eyes are blocked what happens? Vitamin D stays low = Immune function low = circdian rhythm malfunction

What Did The Circadian Rhythm Transformation Do For Ian?

32-Day Circadian Rhythm Transformation Registration!

What You Get With The 32-Day Circadian Rhythm Transformation

  • Lifetime access to the private 32-Day Circadian Rhythm Transormation facebook group & the private Membership Site

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  • Jason Yun's Light Challenge Manual, Resources & Workbook

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  • Support & Inspiration To Take Back Your Health, Energy & Body!

  • Access To Jason Yun's Private Facebook Follow Along Workout Group, LBN Online Strength & Fitness Workouts.

  • The Ultimate Hormone & Circadian Rhythm Fix Webinar

The Challenge Is Open For You

The Cost To Transform Your Life Forever Is Only $89

Still thinking about it? I made another video with some more information about our circadian biology & our eyes; and why this challenge is going to change your life forever!

32-Day Circadian Rhythm Transformation:

Re-Set Your Body Clocks In Just 32-Days That Will Help You Lose At Least 8 Pounds Of Stubborn Body Fat!

The Last Transformation You Will Ever Need

Transformation Entry Fee is $89

An Improvement Warrior Optimal Health Challenge

32-Day Circadian Rhythm Transformation Registration!

Still got questions? Check out the FAQs below. Still ?'s Email me or text me at ‪(614) 304-1426‬

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: What if I already do not wear sunglasses?

Sunglasses are just one thing that hurts our circadian biology. There are many other modern day circadian mismatches such as contacts, or sitting behind a window, or even eating a piece of fruit out-of-season. So the focus of this challenge is to reset your circadian rhythm/health and stengthening the eye. It does not matter if you are starting as a non-sunglasses wearer.

FAQ 2: Do I Have To Workout During This Transformation?

No. If you already are then great. But you do not need to start if you don't want to. Plus if you do have a broken circadian rhythm then exercise can actually hurt some people more but pretty much all will not get the same benefit as someone with a properly working circadian cycle.

FAQ 3: Do I Have To Follow A Specific Nutrition Protocol For The Transformation?

Food and eating is linked and should follow a circadian rhythm. During the first week via the stay on track emails & in the facebook group & in the Transformation Membership site there will be information on Circadian Nutrition. Hint: WHEN you eat, is actually more important than WHAT you eat. Pretty much everything we do can be tracked back to our Circadian Rhythm. The gut clocks are the easiest to knock out of sync, but they are also easy to re-sync

FAQ 4: I've Done Many Transformations/Diets/Workout Programs and always gotten minimal to no results or they don't last; what makes this any different?

Dieting and exercising while still having a broken circadian rhythm will only do more harm in the long run especially as we get older and especially for our hormones (which run on a circadian rhythm themseleves). The secret no gym owner, personal trainer or nutritionist wants you to know is "YOU DO NOT NEED TO WORKOUT Or GO ON A DIET TO LOSE WEIGHT". Nor should you. Fat burning occurs naturally when your leptin hormone and circadian biology is fixed........ No WODs, metcons, cardio, HIIT, bootcamp, green smoothies, calorie restriction required.

FAQ 5: I have had issues with sleep my entire adult life

You are not alone. This challenge could also pass for the 32-Day Sleep Transformation. Sleep is the most important thing we do. besides breathing. If you cannot sleep well it is highly correlated to every single disease and cancer. Heart disease being the top 1. More sleep isses the younger and faster you die.

Sleep is probably the MOST deeply ingrained thing that we do with Circadian Biology. Once we fix the circadian rhythm, which this transformation will do, we fix your sleep.

FAQ 6: Do I Have To Be On Facebook To Do This Transformation

No. Things will also be done via email, text, zoom and the Transformation Membership site. Videos will be added to the Facebook Group and also the Transformation Site. You can also download the videos from the Transformation site to put on your phone or computer if you learn better that way.

FAQ 7: I work 3rd shift, can I do this transformation

Yes you can, but I wouldn't recommend it. Realize you will always have a broken circadian rhythm if you are awake when it is dark and sleep when it is light. This Transformation will give you some things to help you otherwise, but unless you change your schedule or job you will never get to optimal and every health aspect (losing weight, energy, mitochondrial repair, motivation/drive/purpose, mental clarity, etc.....) will be that much harder to acheive. The study I saw showed that 3rd shift increases cancer risk by up to 40% and taken with the fact that 1/3 people will get cancer--Yikes!

FAQ 8: I know you talk a lot about artificial light, will blue light be talked about in this challenge?

For sure. Artificial Blue light is one of the main circadian disruptors we face as a human species. It is one of the top topics to cover and will be covered in depth throughout the Transformation and definitely within the first week.

32-Day Circadian Rhythm Transformation Registration!

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